brings big data to solve big challenges in the financial industry. By seeing big and boiling all the puzzle pieces together, you’ll benefit from our FinTech innovations that turn problems into strategic opportunities. To realize big data ROI, it’s not just the tools but our boiling hot ideas at 212° (the extra degree to make a positive difference). We are fit-for-purpose in applying new technologies, such as using machine learning techniques for complex event monitoring, leveraging semantic database for reference data solutions and other predictive models. Please check out our patent pending invention for Volcker compliance and other project profiles to peruse our abilities. Let’s connect and discover how our big picture approach would deliver the essential improvements for your business. Together, we’ll foster a better state of financial stability and enable sustainable growth. Specialties: Compliance Technologies: Volcker Preventive System, RENTD, Independent Testing Risk Analytics: Manipulation Detection, BCBS239 Aggregation, CCAR/DFAST, TLAC Innovative ideas: Big Data Game Plan, FinTech Research, Ecosystem Improvements Served Markets:  Why you should care: Because “algorithms have come to rule our World” per Christopher Steiner. Because you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in risk and compliance. Because data silos hinder your abilities to charge forward strategic goals. Because mavericks are beating the strategies of your major consultants.  Because disruptions are sparked by crowd movements and networks. Because you either embrace the future or face strategic challenge.
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04/02/2019 FlexTrade Interview: CAT: Moving the Ball Forward / Tabb FORUM’s coverage of the story

12/21/2018 Newsletter: Market Structure Needs Changes

11/19/2018 Global Association of Risk Professionals: Volcker Revision - A Toxic Proposal (White Paper)

11/03/2018 Volcker Revision's 'Toxic' Loopholes - TabbForum / Mondovisione / Money Health Finance

10/24/2018 Meeting with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Division of Trading and Markets

10/16/2018 §619 Volcker Revision: DataBoiler's respond to CFTC, SEC, OCC, FED, and FDIC request for comment

09/13/2018 Tradeweb FINREG Alert featured article: The Volcker Rule: Proposed vs. Revised – 5 Predictions for the Watered-Down Regulation

06/17/2018 Kelvin was invited as Evaluator Panel of the IoT Open Innovation Lab by Northeastern University

05/31/2018 Traders Magzine Interview: The Split to Restructure Equity Markets

05/29/2018 Tabb FORUM featured article: Equity Market Split on Restructuring - The Access Fee Pilot Debate

05/14/2018 §610 Access Fee Pilot for NMS Stocks: DataBoiler's respond to SEC requests for comment

04/05/2018 GARP Risk Intelligence: Irrational Exuberance in 2018: Aiming for Crisis Prevention

01/25/2018 2018 Exuberance: Sarcasm as the Best Precaution Against Crisis - TabbForum / Mondovisione

12/15/2017 Newsletter: Blessed are the Blockheads?

10/24/2017 Dodd-Frank Update Interview:
Making the Volcker Rule more flexible

10/20/2017 October Research interview:
2017 Mortgage Technology Special Report
- Kelvin explains the hidden concerns and irony of Blockchain that investors and consumers should aware

10/06/2017 TabbForum: Volcker Rule Objections Are Mostly Just Excuses

09/18/2017 §619 Dodd-Frank Volcker Rule:
DataBoiler's respond to OCC requests for comment

08/29/2017 Volcker Mocked: 5 Predictions for the Watered-Down Regulation - TabbForum / Mondovisione / FinReg Alert

7/19/2017 GARP: Indepth look at Rogue Trading

6/30/2017 TabbForum: Treasury Got a 'D'

05/12/2017 See Who Rises to the Rogue's Hall of Fame - Tabb Research / Mondovisione

4/28/2017 Financial Technologies Forum Interview: Trump Team Challenges SIFI Designation

3/29/2017 TabbForum: The Volcker Rule and Trump's Core Principles

3/28/2017 Benzinga: Too Many Stakes on Volcker

3/22/2017 Global Association of Risk Professionals: Rethinking Market Surveillance

3/10/2017 Traders Magazine: Clock Synhronization - Challenge that needs a New Solution

3/3/2017 TabbForum: Is clock synch the CAT's fatal flaw?

1/9-10/2017 Kelvin To was invitied to participate in the FinTech Ideas Festival by Financial Services Roundtable

12/19/2016 Newsletter: How innovation happens ...

11/22/2016 GARP Risk Intelligence: CAT: A Flawed and Controversial Approach to Market Surveillance

11/09/2016 Why the CAT Is a Bad Idea - TabbFORUM
AutoCAD the CAT amid controversy - MarketsMedia / Traders Magazine / Intelligent Trading Technology

09/23/2016 Treasury Today Interview: Making sense of all the data

08/16/2016 The Trade Interview: Banks ask to push Volcker out to 2022

07/25/2016 Fedscoop: Regulators call planned SEC financial database a 'treasure trove' for hackers

07/21/2016 Volcker One-Year Anniversary: A Quest for Answers, or a Taboo? - TabbFORUM / MarketsMedia

07/15/2016 §613 Consolidated Audit Trail/ CAT NMS Plan: DataBoiler's respond to SEC requests for comment

06/07/2016 Kelvin was invited to be a panelist on the Financial Services Roundtable Tech Collaborator's Program: FinTech Today and Tomorrow event in DC

05/05/2016 TabbFORUM: Reasonable Inventory and I cannot see it

03/16/2016 TabbFORUM: Volcker Violation: Felony or Misdemeanor Charges?

03/11/2016 GARP Risk Intelligence: The Path to Volcker Compliance: Analyzing Risk Controls

02/24/2016 TabbFORUM: Volcker Independent Testing: Multiple Choice or Long Essay?

02/03/2016 TabbFORUM: Volcker Attestation: Guilty or Not Innocent?

01/05/2016 TabbFORUM: Volcker Enforceability: Backburner, or Bazooka?

01/01/2016 The Banker interview: Structural reforms left behind by changes to banking markets

12/18/2015 Holiday's Newsletter: Bears, Just watch me walking in all the squares!

11/18/2015 TabbFORUM: Volcker Challenges: Unsolvable, or Unprofitable?

11/06/2015 GARP Risk Intelligence: The Volcker Rule: More Work to be Done

10/26/2015 TabbFORUM: Volcker Inventory: Too Complicated, or Just Unfamiliar?

10/09/2015 TabbFORUM: Volcker: Improved Risk Management, or Room to Circumvent Controls?

10/03/2015 Financial Times Interview: Old engine of Wall Street is sputtering

09/29/2015 TabbFORUM: Volcker Postmortem or Has the Fight Just Begun?

09/15/2015 Treasury Today Interview: Big Data and enhanced analytics

08/27/2015 GARP Risk Intelligence: Volcker Rule: Legitimate Liquidity Concerns or Irrational Market Fears?

07/16/2015 FTF Interview: Firms Ready but Wary as Volcker Rule Becomes Reality

07/16/2015 Volcker Rule: Dihydrogen Monoxide Ban?!; TabbFORUM

05/20/2015 Lafferty – Banking Intelligence interview: Kevlin To's VR Machine takes aim at rogue traders

05/08/2015 Featured Story on Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP): Financial Stability Begins In-House

04/28/2015 TabbFORUM: Prioritizing Risk and Compliance Projects Amid Uncertain Regulatory Requirements

04/22/2014 Whitepaper on CFP Risk Insights: Success Takes Off In The Convoluted Regulatory Environment

04/12/2015 Canadian Wealth Advisors Network Interview: Volcker Rule Provides Some Reprieve to Canadian Banks

04/10/2015 FTF Interview: Vendors Start to Apply Big Data Techniques to Ops

04/08/2015 BCBS 239: Risk Reporting Outpaces Data Aggregation; TabbFORUM

03/30/2015 The War Within Volcker: 10 Tips to Inspire Victory; TabbFORUM

03/27/2015 American Banker interview: Volcker, Inc.: How One Rule Became a Cottage Industry

03/05/2015 FTF nomination - VR Machine: Best Regulatory Compliance Solution, Kelvin To: FinTech Person of the Year

03/03/2015 Product launch: VR Machine (Patent Pending) - Bobsguide / TabbFORUM

02/20/2015 FTF: Relieve the Volcker Rule Burden

02/14/2015 Volcker’s intent is hacked and leaked; TabbFORUM

01/29/2015 TabbFORUM: Learning to See Big Data

01/15/2015 QuantFORUM: 01/15/2015 3 Methods to Improve Big Data Privacy and Security

01/09/2015 FTF Interview: Using Big Data to Tackle the Volcker Rule

01/08/2015 Tabb: Big Data Inspiration: Join the Rebellion

12/25/2014 Newsletter: Best Wishes for 2015

12/03/2014 Data Boiler taps Goldman Sachs for CTO 

04/07/2014 Treasury Today Roundtable Discussion: Thinking Big

03/10/2014 Waterstechnology Open Platform: In Big Data, What Works for B2C Markets Won’t Bring the Same Benefits in B2B

02/06/2014 TabbFORUM: B2C and B2B Have Very Different Big Data Stories. Be True to Yourself

01/30/2014 Dialogue interview: Boiling down financial data

01/28/2014 The Trade: From big data to big liquidity

01/13/2014 Whitepaper: Big Data Truths & Myths in the B2B Financial Industry; Newsletter

09/23/2013 Inside Market Data: Startup Data Boiler Assembles Team Begins Big Data Consultations

08/25/2013 Business launch with Big Pictures giveaway for B2B financial industry

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