Message from Kelvin To, Founder & President  3+ years in the journey of Data Boiler, I’ve been nominated as FTF FinTech Person of the year and a proud Tech Advisory Council committee for the FSR/BITS. As we are drawing a close to 2016, let me share with you the secrets of how innovation happens. (1) Be dissatisfied with the status quo JPMorgan CEO once described the Volcker challenge as impossible. I disagree with a thesis that draws reference to how similar problems may be solved. (2) Boils down the empirical into workable clues Be familiar with the subject, you’ll possibly find some partial clues in the ocean of empirical works. You don’t have to know everything, but sufficient to spot what others may have overlooked. (3) Brings in the non-conventional thoughts Inspirations come from all walks of life; cross referencing, mind mapping,... the more diversities, the richer the analogies you can draw to solve the puzzle. (4) Bridges the invention with market reality I banged my patent pending invention against the Wall Street. Reality can be humbling as well as pushes one to consider possible evolutions. Mutual fund liquidity rule compliance, hedge bond ETFs… possibilities unlimited! About Data Boiler Technologies, LLC We help you understand emerging technologies (big data, machine learning, blockchain, cybersecurity), generate applicable use cases, and support your capturing of strategic opportunities through continuous innovations. Contact Us: (617) 237-6111 /

Market Surveillance

SEC approved the Consolidated Audit Trail

project and SROs are expected to up their

game in surveillance program. This article is

appraised by Larry Tabb as “Interesting and

Heroic”. Real-time stream analytic is a better

alternative than locking valuable data into a

centralized vault. Also, check out our other

specialties: Volcker Compliance, BCBS239,

Basel III, CCAR/ DFAST, TLAC, and more!!/risk-intelligence/all/all/a1Z40000003MXJSEA4 FinTech Ideas Festival This CEO+1 by-invitation only event brings together leaders who are at the confluence of finance and innovation, looking at Future big ideas and challenges that’ll shape the next-gen development and collaboration between the financial services and tech communities. Participants include major banks, insurers, IBM, Microsoft, Accenture LinkedIn, DataBoiler...with CNBC broadcast. 3 Lines of Defense Overwhelmed by regulatory burdens/ market complexity? Overbearing of responsibilities for other’s wrongdoing? Lack data, tools, or human resources to implement control best practices? Please take 3 minutes to answer 10 closed-end questions. Your responses to this survey are anonymous. It’ll help identify improvement opportunities across front-office control, risk, compliance and audit. Thanks!
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