Data Boiler Taps Goldman Sachs for CTO Former Goldman Sachs Executive Director Homer Cheng has joined Data Boiler Technologies as Chief Technology Officer. Homer has over 20+ years' experience in the investment banking industry. During his tenure as Executive Director at Goldman Sachs, he managed business critical applications and was part of the global management team for Investment Banking Technology. He is known for his collaborative skills to partner with the business and other technology teams in delivering practical solutions with concrete results. His areas of expertise include trade analytics, risk management, compliance and operations systems development and implementation. Homer is based in California and holds a Masters of Engineering degree from Cornell University. About Data Boiler Technologies, LLC Data Boiler Technologies, LLC solves data management problems, augments product development efforts, lead big data project, and provides other consultancy services. By seeing big and boiling all the puzzle pieces together in the convoluted financial market, you will be eased from silos and other data challenges. This will enable better risk and compliance controls for a sustainable growth of your business. Specialties: Big Data Game Plan, Simulation / Data Science, Datafication / Text Mining, Infomediary / Data Aggregation, Risk and Compliance, Value Chain Management, and I.T. Agility Optimization. Served Markets: Corporate and Investment Banks, Asset Managers, Securities Processing Agents, Wealth Management, Retirement and Insurance companies. Contact Us:   Phone: (617) 237-6111 Email:  Address: P.O. Box 181, Weymouth, MA 02191 

Big Data, let’s charge

forward ... move?!

Does that look like your Big Data project ... i.e. not

going anywhere? What's wrong with treating Big Data

likes any other technology projects? Didn't you just

buy the latest elephant hardware for Hadoop and

NoSQL database, so what is still missing?  Well, if

you want to justify the return on investment (ROI) for

Big Data, read on ...

Photo courtesy by Leonard To, article by Kelvin To Big Data privacy and security control?? It is understandable to have privacy and security concerns with Big Data. However a complete lock down from extracting any Big Data intelligence would affect your competitiveness in the market. On the other hand, continuous building of data controls and governance procedures may unintentionally create big bureaucracy overtime ...   Photo by anonymous at Facebook, article by Kelvin To Big Data, did you get the sight? What a scene it was when everything surrounding Neo are just bits and bytes in the movie, "Matrix"! Getting insights from Big Data is absolutely important. Yet, not everyone has the sight of how to use Big Data for meaningful purposes. The struggle to come up with Big Data use cases is real. First, everyone may define Big Data differently ... Scene from movie “The Matrix”, 2nd creation & article by Kelvin To
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