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A system reasonably designed to monitor Volcker rule compliance, ... qualifying for market making/ hedging/ underwriting/ liquidity exemptions.  Using algorithms to determine the bank’s optimal level of securities inventory for reasonably expected near-term demands (RENTD). Combining crowd collective intelligence with fast learning machines to turn the table against the market manipulators. Need superfast OLAP to solve nuisances with LEI, IBOR, and other reference data challenges. Facing excessive burden in monitoring sub-custodians and others in the value chain for compliance purposes. Searching for an engineer to re- pipe clogged process, aggregate data and integrate platforms when dealing with multi-prime brokerages, x-assets strategies, and other complex situations. Frustrated about spending more time serving the (CRM) systems than the systems are serving their needs (mass customized proposal generation). Facing high cost burden in research when it deems an essential component of business. Searching for a product specialist to augment development, assist their quickest rollout of new products, and determine sales distribution/channel strategy.
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Our patent pending invention for Volcker Compliance has been nominated for the Best Regulatory Compliance Solution. Click here to learn more.
Quotes / Reference

"Be it how we strategically position new products to market, seeking new markets to attack, to research an acquisition and the competitive landscape - I can only marvel at his quick understanding, strategic thinking and his big picture approach"
- ex-SVP of a Top 25 Financial Technologies Conglomerate

"Extremely impressed, never seen an acquisition presentation with so much detail, thought out approach and ideas before"
- President of a Mutual Fund Solutions Company

"He has done a great job in enhancing process flow and instrumental in driving for the best practices, which contributed to our year-on-year significant growth of the business … His ability to identify key touch points, his tenaciousness and commitment to the customer has been well respected … In many ways he did indeed become the service conscience of us all!"
- ex-Banking Group Head and ex-Senior COO of a Large Global Bank

"A keen and proactive person, Kelvin has helped the company to establish a strong foundation for further developments"
- ex-SVP, TEMASEK (Sovereign Wealth Fund)

" Kelvin is very focused, analytical and systematic in his approach to the resolution of any problem … His capability to accomplish all tasks satisfactorily was commendable as they involved not only the system side but also the human aspect as well"
- CFO of a Public Listed Company

"Kelvin is a self-motivated and result-oriented person with excellent interpersonal skills and strategic minds."
- Founder and Chairman of a Risk Rating Company

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