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Selected Project Profiles

Data Driven Banking Business

Situation/ Task: New encumbrance entered market during post- 

crisis environment; competitors have dominated long-term 

relationships with clients.

Action: Leveraged massive data to formulate a credit program 

that balanced risk control and service delivery - a big data 

approach to risk budgeting. (Click here for more information) 

Results: 500+% growth in business, 17% improvement in 

Revenue to Expense ratio. 

Basel Accord - Advanced Operational Risk Model

Restructure Trade Processing Service

Strategy and Product Development

Situation/ Task: Tasked with scouting for recurring revenue and 

acquisition opportunities.

Action: Methodically identify target with tremendous synergies 

with existing business.

Results: Disruptive approach to build an industry utility model for 

“pay and get pay” (expected CAGR 24+%). 

Industry’s 1st Predictor Model

Situation/ Task: An emerging proxy solicitor needed to compete 

on analytics rather than call capacity. 

Action: Created sophisticated algorithms for vote projection and 

dynamic reforecast (include fund rollup, trust level votes) 

Results: 99% accurate prediction of the outcome for the largest 

ETF campaign; in-road for other RFPs. 

Streamline and expedite exceptional approval process

Situation/ Task: Delay in reaching credit decision with lots of  back and forth queries while risk control should never be  compromised. Ensure credit underwriting within turnaround time  and find ways to enhance coordination.  Action: Offer a “cake sharing” approach to facilitate cross-teams’  cooperation. Credit can ask as many queries as they want while  sales team gets to choose the top questions to answer, Results: Approval turnaround time improved by 2 times and  streamlined 15% referrals.

VR Machine - a suite of patent pending solutions for the Volcker Rule compliance

Address Problems: 1. How banks determine “reasonableness” in securities inventory each day 2.  How banks distinguish trade intents when both permitted and prohibited trades may involve taking principal positions 3. How banks ensure financial stability and prevent rogue traders from bypassing the controls RENTD Calculation (Inventory Control) Web-based application for generating comprehensive RENTD/ Securities Inventory Plan Include: (1) historical projection and outliers justification; (2) scholastic models that don’t follow historical projection; (3) customize parameters to fit different trading desk natures. Independent Testing (Vulnerability Scan) Validate the correct usage of exemptions. Identify proprietary trades that may have slipped through a bank's compliance program. The one and only essential proof of bank’s compliance program effectiveness. Preventive System (Filtering Mechanism) The market’s only pre-trade filtering mechanism for Volcker compliance. A filtering mechanism to quarantine suspicious proprietary trade activities and qualify exemptions with rigorous tests. Learn more by visiting our dediciated Volcker Compliance page
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Market Manipulation Detection

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